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Launch Evolution Review - Matt Clark & Jason K.
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Matt Clark, the CEO and Co-Founder of made an incredible announcement. He wants to share Launch Evolution – the system he used along with his co-founder to scale and Amazing Selling Machine launches into the multiple 10-million figure range. Amazing Selling Machine was famous for breaking launch records within the Internet Marketing industry. Their first launch generated about $1 million in sales and their final launch generated around $22 million in sales. All of this revenue was generated over the course of a few weeks for every launch.

Product Launches are one of the core business strategies used by beginners and professionals across many different industries. In fact, Matt Clark is not the only successful businessperson to use product launches. Matt and his team improved the same product launch system used by businesses for hundreds of years to generate hungry buyers for products and services. Businesses trust the product launch system since product launches leverage traffic sources that’ve demonstrated success for many in the past. The key to successful product launches is figuring out how to tap into high volumes of traffic relevant to your product or service. You must understand you can use the product launch system to sell products, services, and even physical products in any industry or niche. The launch system is simple, powerful, and able to be used in any niche or business you can think of. Once you learn how to implement the system you can use it on existing businesses and any future business. Learn the system once and you have the potential to use it many times throughout your life. As with Matt, every time you do a product launch you may become better and better – learning what works and discarding what doesn’t.

Matt and his team experienced producing over $80 million dollars between all of their launches. Since each of their product launches grew year after year, they were able to discover what produced the most success while eliminating what didn’t work. Experience is what separates the most successful product launches from the failures. Every successful product launch allows Matt to consistently improve his system and do more of what works. Matt is ready to share his entire step-by-step system with the community of successful sellers he’s cultivated through the community. And now for the first time ever this community is open to you. You can join an elite community of beginner and experienced sellers who dedicate themselves to the art and science of selling products online. A lot of my success was due to this amazing community of people and from what Matt taught.

I paid to join one of the first Amazing Selling Machine Launches. Since I was already successful with my Amazon business I wanted to learn new things to increase my sales. My decision proved to be one of the best I ever made – I was able to increase the combined sales of my personal business and client’s businesses by well over $1,000,000/month – $1,500,000/month. I officially have my $1m/month ASM badge within the ASM community.

Even though I was already successful on Amazon, I always adopt the concept of “beginner’s mind”. I don’t ever think I know all the answers or am the best at what I do. I recognize no matter how successful I am at something, or if I am a beginner, there’s always someone who knows more than I do. There is always someone who can teach me new skills and show me information I can use to improve my business

As someone who was already successful selling online, I know the importance of finding the right mentor. This is because I wasted over five years and tens of thousands of dollars on “false” gurus and bogus Internet Marketing products. I know what you’re thinking – this is the “standard” cookie cutter product review template rehashing the same garbage pity story. But that’s not simply not true and I am sharing my personal story.

It’s important for me to share this story because it contains an important, valuable lesson: if you want to be successful at something you must find someone who is more successful than you at whatever you want to learn, and you must find someone who lives, breathes, and dies by what you want to learn. Whether I am a beginner, intermediate, or advanced in any skill, I always know I can do better. I recognize there is only so much I can learn from my own experience. Sometimes your own results and experience can blind you from learning new skills and knowledge. I often unintentionally block myself from learning new things because I develop habits I don’t even realize I have. These “habits” are developing routine ways of doing things in my business. Some examples include a “habits” of how I run my paid ads, set up my listings, or order inventory.

One thing I’ve been forced to admit is how things change when it comes to selling online. Instead of living in fear of change, I’ve learned to adapt. Failing to adapt to changes creates the risk of becoming obsolete. Operating an online business with out-dated and obsolete information is a recipe for disaster and failure. No one wants to fail and we are all in this to succeed.

Matt’s success and ability to adapt to changes made him one of the biggest names in Internet Marketing and product launches. Matt made his name with the success of his product launches. There are “other” courses teaching how to do product launches. There are “other” people teaching similar skills. I don’t believe those “other” people generate nearly anywhere near as much as Matt and his team; this is not to boast or brag, but this is simply business and a man’s results should be the way you judge if he’s worthy of being your mentor and guide. The exact step-by-step system used by Matt is shared with you in Launch Evolution.

Your decision to join Launch Evolution shouldn’t only be based on Matt. You should also join in order to gain access to the great community offers. Again, this community helped me grow and scale my business and ways I never thought possible. I’ve come to this community with some of my biggest problems and I’ve shared my best stories, insights, and successes.

The other “dirty” little secret behind why this community is so valuable is because of Matt is calling the “secret black book”. As a part of Launch Evolution, the program will allow members to browse a members-only rolodex of contact information. The contact information is a list of all Launch Evolution members and what industry they sell products in. As you’ll discover inside of Launch Evolution, one of the best traffic sources is the use of affiliates. Matt said for many Amazing Selling Machine launches over 95% of their sales were generated through affiliate sales.

Trying to find affiliates who will promote your own launches can be extremely difficult. Reaching out to people you don’t know and asking them to promote your launch is an uphill battle, even for professionals with a lot of experience. The Launch Evolution community is your catalyst and short cut. The community allows you to instantly find and network with people in your niche.

Think about that for a second… Not only can the community give you access to affiliates for your offers… But you also gain access to a community of people with their own offers. You can promote other people’s offers and receive affiliate commissions for their launches. It’s important to understand how important this is. As I’ve learned, every member within this community lives, breathes, and dies by their business. They spend their working hours on it. They are going through the same training as you. They have experience with the same launch system. They are committed to success, just like you, and are constantly improving their business and their product.

Using Launch Evolution, you will gain access to the best offers across nearly every industry imaginable. The majority of these offers will be of high quality. You can work with members within the community over the next decade to create a network of high value launches and products.

This is how the industry already works. The “top” industry experts doing product launches all know each other. They all promote each other’s offers. They typically meet once or twice per year to set an agenda for the specific types of courses they will each release. Have you ever noticed this? Have you ever found it suspicious? If you’re subscribed to, say, 5 different A-List Internet Marketing experts, they will all come out with the same products based on the same exact topics within a few months of each other. They do this on purpose since they can all use each other’s email lists to cross-promote offers. This is one of the things Launch Evolution teaches and helps you achieve with their community of passionate members.

In addition to the above, you’ll also gain access to an in-depth 8 module (1 per week) training course detailing every step of the launch process inside of Launch Evolution. Matt will share everything he’s learned from his ASM launches and his co-founder Jason will also share his experience creating and promoting launches.

Matt put together a series of 100% free videos showing you exactly how the product launches for Amazing Selling Machine and other products were done. You should watch the free videos since Matt doesn’t hold back. He reveals the successful traffic sources he’s used, the software he uses to build and deliver the content, and how he builds relationships with people who pay to send traffic to Matt’s offers for free up-front. Click here to see what Matt does, including more step-by-step information you can implement right now.